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My Journey to You

I am Cait Schieneman. I am an empowered woman + mother + steward of the earth and I am here to help people awaken to their divine truth to live a fulfilling life of abundance. I create a safe container for you to dive into your inner world, clear out energy blockages, become fully empowered, and move forward on your highest path.

My passion comes from a spiritual connection to the earth that was fostered at a very young age while climbing trees and playing in streams. My first and earliest love was science and I have always been fascinated by how the earth works and how we can use our plant allies for healing and connection.

In my teens, I started making many of my own products like toothpaste, deodorant, and laundry detergent. This sparked an inspiration within myself to offer energy spent on DIY, low impact projects as an act of devotion to God or a higher power. I feel so fulfilled when I shop in bulk and make my own products that do not contaminate our waterways or bodies with toxins and plastic waste. With that being said, I believe there is no room for shame, guilt, or stress when transitioning to a low impact, sustainable lifestyle. I find it to be my best practice to do what is most kind to myself in any given moment, even if that means buying a bottle of water at the store or packaged food in a moment of need. I thoroughly enjoy seeking out high vibe, local products to walk lightly on the earth and connect with the makers in my community, and I’d love to help you do the same.

In the early stages of my career, I ran a wide variety of environmental education programs with organizations like the Student Conservation Association, National Park Service, and Solar Living Institute. After graduating from Chatham University with a BS in Environmental Science and Certificate in Latin American Studies, I lived Northern California for several years on various homesteads and farms where I shifted even deeper into harmony with the earth through gardening, herbalism, community, and spirituality.

While in California, I found a way to flow with what life brought me and connected with several powerful mentors along the way. Upon my arrival, I lived alone in the high desert of the Klamath Basin at Lava Beds National Monument where I tapped into my past traumas of sexual assault and emotional abandonment. I spent a great deal of time in silence and isolation to commune with spirit. That is when the deep healing work began, for myself. Surrounded by sacred volcanic mountains and caves, I was able to dive into the abyss of my soul to unlock the wisdom that awaited.

This wisdom continued to grow as I applied the healing tools I had gathered to trust and support myself through pregnancy, birth, and the early stages of motherhood as a single woman. I am thankful for the many opportunities and obstacles in my life that pushed me into rapid growth at a young age.

Due to my personal, spiritual journey of self discovery, my methods for healing are a fusion of techniques that are uniquely my own. I learned directly from spirit, the land, and from a power I came into relationship with inside myself. Mentorship programs, workshops, and herbalism retreats in California also enhanced my learning where I was trained in the work and methodology of other professionals.

My gifts are in energy work: I guide you to clear out blockages and ground into a high vibration. The tools I use include shamanic instruments like the rattle, drum, and vocals, various card decks used as an energetic mirror for guidance, and herbal products made in my apothecary that harness the energy of different moon phases to nourish the mind, body, and soul. The cornerstone of my work is somatic healing, which is an invitation for you to connect with the body, where we store all of our unprocessed experiences and emotions.

If you’ve found your way to this page, it’s quite likely that you are ready to receive the support that I have to offer. I am here to walk with you in your healing journey and celebrate with you along the way. If you’re attracted to my vibe, lean in and give me a call! We can set up a complimentary one-on-one Feminine Energy Activation Session and get to know each other better. On the call we will tap into your deep desires, identify obstacles and blockages, and make a plan for you to move forward on your journey, including potentially working together if it feels like a good fit for us both. I am here to serve and support. Thank you and many blessings, dear friends.


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